The Creedence Clearwater Revival hit song "Fortunate Son" was originally titled "Fortunate Son-Of-A-Bitch, but after John Fogerty's 102-year-old grandmother Effy Mae heard the song, she did not approve, so the words 'Of-A-Bitch' were dropped.

At the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life," an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, was recorded by Paul McCartney for his old English sheepdog "Martha". Try it out on your pooch and see what kind of reaction you get.

The world famous Jimi Hendrix performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock was not performed as a single song. It was part of a medley of Hendrix tunes lasting more than 30 minutes and left the crowd stunned and amazed.

Aerosmith's Steve Tyler's daughter, Liv, was born in 1976 to Bebe Buell, a legendary rock groupie who had other affairs with some of Rock's greatest legends such as, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, and Todd Rundgren.

Happy Birthday Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top who turns 64 today! Born William Frederick Gibbons, and is also known as 'The Reverend Willy G." and is Houston's favorite son. Wanna know where ZZ Top got their band name?  Watch Video