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Miscellaneous Information:

Calling to make a request and/or dedication and want to hear your voice on-the-air? Simply wait for the automated voice mail system answer, and say "This is <say your first name> calling from <your location> and I'd like to hear <song title> by <artist>. Of course you do not have to follow the script, but we ask that you keep it short and specific. Be funny, crazy or sincere if making a dedication.

We encourage listeners to donate their cassette tape recordings of Stevens & Pruett, Uncle Waldo and other recorded content from the terrestrial Rock 101 KLOL. Please package them and send them to the address listed on the contact tab. We will return your cassettes, reel-to-reel once we have converted the content from analog to digital. 

Do not send digital attachments to our email addresses as they clog up the mail server and will be deleted without review. The proper way to submit digital content is via a share link with a service like DropboxOneDrive or something similar. Upload the content there, then email us a share link so we can download it.