Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour

Rush fans quickly snapped up tickets to see and hear one of rock music's greatest live performances. Rush did not disappoint with an epic 2 set performance featuring nine songs in the first set, and 11 in the second set, not counting drum or guitar solos. The first set was comprised of deep cuts only the most die hard Rush fans would know, with a few more recognizable songs sprinkled throughout. The first set ends with a pyrotechnic explosion without rival.

After a brief 20-minute intermission, the band returned to the stage for the second set which featured the Clockwork Angels string ensemble. The set begins with a brief film featuring actor Jay Barcuhel (from Knocked Up) as the Taxman and our heroes, Geddy, Alex and Neil as Gnomes preventing Jay's character from meeting the Watchmaker’s debt before erupting into Caravan and the title track. Rush had not done a concept piece since 1976. The band performed eight straight tracks from the new album, track by track, was a rich, magical adventure that rivaled even the best thrill ride.

There was an incredibly touching tribute to the late Neil Armstrong during Dreamline which was unexpected, but nicely done. More pyrotechnic wizardry assaulted the senses as the band played on. The Clockwork Angels string ensemble performed two more pieces with Rush which included Red Sector A and an epic homage to King Crimson’s early days with the fan favorite, YYZ. The crowd was in a frenetic mood as Spirit of Radio concluded the set and the lights came on.

Like a junkie in need of his next fix, the crowd chanted and pleaded for more. Fans could not believe they had not heard possibly the most iconic Rush tune there is. Just then the lights went out and the thunderous sound of Tom Sawyer filled the air as the arena exploded with the sound of the fans approval. And just when you thought it was over. That you couldn't take any more. The band performed an excerpt of the 20-minute progressive rock epic, 2112. Performing The Overture, Temples of Syrinx, and the Grand Finale to end what was the best concert I had experienced in many years!

  • Headliner: Rush
  • Tour: Clockwork Angels
  • Photographer: Jay Dryden
  • Date: December 2, 2012
  • Venue: Toyota Center
  • Date: December 2, 2012

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