Former Creed, and current Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti rolled into town with his shiny new metal band Tremonti. Mark is no stranger to the Music business as his award winning music career with Creed and Alter Bridge has forged him in the fires of hard work and success. Stepping out on his own was the next logical step in his evolution as an artist. Mark is not only providing the crunchy rhythm and tasty lead guitar riffs for this new band. He is also fronting a band for the first time in his professional career. Mark has provided solid background vocals throughout his career, but has never taken on such a huge task. He pulls it off with ease and throws his hat in the ring for best new metal band of the year.

  • Headliner: Tremonti
  • Co-Headliner: Trivium
  • Opener: Wilson
  • Tour: 2015 HardDrive Live Tour
  • Photohrapher: Eric Sauseda
    • Groovehouse Photography
  • Venue: Warehouse Live
  • Date: October 7, 2015

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  1. Cauterize
  2. You Waste Your Time
  3. All I Was
  4. So You're Afraid
  5. Flying Monkeys
  6. The Things I've Seen
  7. Radical Change
  8. Tie the Noose
  9. Dark Trip
  10. Brains
  11. Providence
  12. Arm Yourself
  13. Decay
  14. Another Heart
  15. Wish You Well