Everclear 20th Anniversary Tour

90's alternative rock ruled Saturday night at the House of Blues in Houston, TX. Fastball, Vertical Horizon and Everclear all played to a near sold out house of music fans.

 Fastball and Vertical Horizon brought their best to their support slots, giving fans the songs they wanted to hear with the enthusiasm that has kept them captivated. Everclear, on their So Much For The Afterglow 20th Anniversary Tour didn't disappoint either. They tore into their popular album, So Much For The Afterglow (1997) and everyone went wild. The band played the entire album, plus a few deep cuts before returning for a four song encore to end the night. Concert goers left the House of Blues Saturday night feeling 20 years younger and riding on memories days past.

  • Headliner: Everclear
    • Support Act: Vertical Horizon
    • Support Act: Fastball
  • Photographer: Eric Sauseda
  • Venue: House of Blues Houston
  • Date: June 24, 2017


everclear eric-sauseda 02
everclear eric-sauseda 03
everclear eric-sauseda 12b
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Vertical Horizon

verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 04
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 08
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 07
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 02
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 05
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 06
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 10
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 09
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 03
verticalhorizon eric-sauseda 01


fastball eric-sauseda 06
fastball eric-sauseda 10
fastball eric-sauseda 04
fastball eric-sauseda 05
fastball eric-sauseda 01
fastball eric-sauseda 08b
fastball eric-sauseda 09
fastball eric-sauseda 02
fastball eric-sauseda 08
fastball eric-sauseda 03