Def Leppard/Posion/Lita Ford

English rockers Def Leppard rolled into Houston on their Rock of Ages Tour and brought legendary 80's rockers Poison and Lita Ford with them. Treating fans to a seventeen song setlist with hit songs from many of their eleven studio albums...

Lita Ford joined the Def Leppard Rock of Ages Tour which also featured 80's rockers Poison. But it was little more than a cameo appearance with a paltry three song setlist. Yes, Poison had a ten song setlist and Def Leppard offered up eighteen total songs, but c'mon man, It's Lita Freakin' Ford! And she looks better at her age than any of those guys do, save that ugly Black Widow tattoo on her right forearm. Click the Read More button to view the photos.

Loverboy opened the show with a 7 song setlist featuring some classic hits from four of their nine studio albums. It was a short set because of the other two bands involved which is understandable. But I was disappointed it did not include songs like Lucky One's, Strike Zone or Dangerous. Or power ballads such as This Could Be the Night and Destination Heartbreak.

Poison/Def Leppard/Lita Ford

Poison took the stage in Houston as part of the Def Leppard Rock of Ages Tour and cranked out a ten song setlist for fans before Def Leppard took the stage. The band was tight and ready to rock the crowd with classic hits from their seven studio albums that span 21 years. 

  • Headliner: Incubus
  • Co-Headliner: Linkin Park
    • Opener: Mutemath
  • Tour: Honda Civic Tour
  • Photographer: Eric Sauseda
  • Venue: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
  • Date: August 28, 2012