Stevens & Pruett Show - Rock 101 KLOL

When they arrived at KLOL’s doorstep after a successful stint at The Eagle (KEGL in Dallas) in 1986, they weren’t strangers to Houston. The two paired up years earlier as one of the original Hudson and Harrigan duos at KILT-AM when it was a Top 40 station...

Brian Shannon, A.K.A. "Eddie The Boner Sanchez" was an on-air talent and producer for the Stevens & Pruett Show. A key cog in one of the greatest morning shows Houston has ever experienced. If you have some photos of Brian and would like to share them with us and other fans. Please contact us.

Outlaw Dave Andrews

"Outlaw" Dave Andrews was a wildly popular on-air personality for KLOL in it's heyday. Taking over as host of the Outlaw Radio Show from the show's creator Greg "GregO" Onofrio. Andrew's on-air persona spilled over into his public appearances. His ability to relate to the common man made him a Houston radio legend at KLOL.

Dayna Steele - Rock 101 KLOL

Born Dayna Frances Nicholson. Dayna graduated from Dulles High School at the tender age of 16. She enrolled at Texas A&M University as a pre-med student before changing her major to theater.

Dennis Maurice "Crash" Collins was a key voice at KLOL through the 1970s and early '80s.