The 10 O'Clock Rock Block runs from 10AM to 12PM and includes 20 songs in a row. 100% commercial free so you can get your work groove on without interruption. You will hear mostly hit music with a couple of deep album cuts thrown in to keep things interesting. 

The All-Request Lunch Hour

The All-Request Lunch Hour features caller requests sent via phone, SMS, or Tweet. It's either that or listen to Judy tell you about her 15 cats again!

Outlaw Radio with Scotty Miller features your favorite Hard Rock and Metal hits and deep album cuts and sprinkles in hot tracks from local bands from Houston and all around the Great State of Texas. Anything goes when you're an Outlaw, so tune us in and rock out with Scotty Miller on Outlaw Radio!

Join us weekdays at 5PM CST on your drive home for 2 hours of live performances from you favorite rock bands. We also throw in some live stand-up comedy performances clips to keep you laughing while you face the grind of rush hour traffic.