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  • Iron Maiden Power Hour

    Iron Maiden Power Hour


  • Get The Led Out

    Get The Led Out

    60 minutes of Led Zeppelin for your listening pleasure every Saturday morning at 11am. So get out get up and Get The Led out.

  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour

    60 minutes of the greatest thing to ever come out of Canada. No, not Nickelback. No not Bryan Adams or William Shatner either. Tune in Saturdays at 10am CST for 60 minutes of nothing but Rush tracks, including deep album cuts not heard on terrestrial radio.

  • Stevens & Pruett

    Stevens & Pruett

    When they arrived at KLOL’s doorstep after a successful stint at The Eagle (KEGL in Dallas) in 1986, they weren’t strangers to Houston. The two paired up years earlier as one of the original Hudson and Harrigan duos at KILT-AM when it was a Top 40 station...

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